All routes were cleared today


Crews have been out since the early morning. All routes to be cleared today.


Crews have been out Monday and Wednesday to clear the snow that has fallen. Snowfall amounts have been minimal in the past few days. There is a good chance of 1-5cm of snow expected for sometime Friday. Once this system passes through we will be out to clear all routes. Likely Saturday.


Crews were out Friday and Saturday to clear light skiffs. It has started snowing again this morning and is forecasted to snow throughout the day and clear up overnight. We plan to let the snow fall today and through the night, and we will have crews starting tomorrow morning (Monday) to begin clearing all routes.


Very light dusting throughout the city.  Most areas have well under 1cm, however we have sent crews out to check on all properties and apply sand or ice melt where required.


Crews are headed out this morning to clear all routes.

Nov.23/15 (12:39)

Snowfall warning is in effect for the city of Edmonton. Heavy snowfall has shifted north and we are expecting a see 10-15 cm by tomorrow afternoon.

Crews will be prepared to head out first thing tomorrow morning to clear all routes. If we need to go out again Wednesday morning we will.


From the forecasts we’ve seen it looks as though this system should hit us somewhere between 8-9 am Monday morning.  Snow should stick around through the day Monday and continue into some scattered fluries still on Tuesday.

Likely we will be doing a removal starting Tuesday morning, and then if we get some leftover flurry action we will be going out again on Wednesday morning.  Please keep checking back here for more updates as the system rolls in.


We did not receive any snow overnight.  The next precipitation is likely to come through Edmonton on Monday and Tuesday next week.  We will be monitoring this system as it approaches and keep you updated.

Nov.19/15 (20:30)

There is a 30% chance that we may see a dusting of flurries overnight tonight  We will monitor this system as it comes through and see if it brings any snow with it.


1cm of snow received overnight.  This snowfall was not in the forecast and did catch us a little off guard,  however we can assure you that all crews are out today and will be clearing all routes.  If we haven’t got to you yet we should be there shortly.


Crews are out today working through their routes. The road conditions in edmonton are very treacherous today. Our crews are trying to stay safe on the roads while getting to each property. Please be aware that we may be delayed today and may have to work into tomorrow. We are doing everything we can to get to every property as soon as possible.


More snow received today. Crews plan to head out to clear again beginning Sunday morning.


Snow received overnight. (10 CM)  Crews are headed outthis morning to clear all routes. More snow is expected beginning from Friday night until Sunday morning.  Amount 1-5cm. Crews will likely be doing another round of snow removal starting on Sunday morning.

Mar.02 (7:00AM)

A light skiff of snow was received overnight.  As of 7:00AM we have received far less than our 1cm trigger depth.  Crews will not be out today. We will continue to monitor conditions, as there is is still a chance of some flurries throughout the city today.


All routes were cleared today.

Feb.27 (9:00AM)

light snow received overnight.  Snow still falling lightly around the city.  Crews will be out today to clear.


All routes were cleared today.

Feb.18/15 (4:03PM)

From Environment Canada: Freezing rain is expected or occurring. A band of freezing rain is expected to develop this evening over central Alberta and move toward the southeast. The freezing rain will begin this evening from Slave Lake to Edmonton, lasting a few hours before moving away toward the Saskatchewan border. The freezing rain will linger near the Saskatchewan border until mid-morning Thursday. Temperatures will warm to above freezing Thursday afternoon, so the accumulated ice is expected to melt at that time.


Almost 1cm received overnight.  All routes are being cleared today.


All routes were cleared today


Flurries on and off today.  <1cm received so far, however crews will be out tomorrow to remove snow.


Heavy freezing rain last night has turned to snow this morning.  Snow still falling heavily at 6:00AM.  Crews are headed out today.


A warming trend through the day today and into tomorrow.  Should stay around 0 for a few days.  Precipitation is possible Friday/Saturday.  Wet flurries or freezing rain.

Feb.10/15 (6:30PM)

All routes have been cleared.


Snow received overnight, approx.1-2cm.  Crews are out today to clear all routes.


All routes were cleared today.  Approx. 8-15 cm

Feb.05/15 (10:20 AM)

We received a skiff last night, but now the real snow starts to fall.  A snowfall warning has been issued by Environment Canada and we should see totals in the 15-25cm range by Saturday.  Snow has begun in the city approx. 10:00AM this morning and is set to continue through until Saturday.  Forecasts are expecting it to taper off sometime Saturday morning. Our plan of attack is to let the snow fall today.  We will head out first thing tomorrow morning (Friday) to do a preliminary clearing.  We then plan to head out again on Saturday morning to clear anything else that has fallen and clean things up. We appreciate your patience as we clear this heavy snowfall.  Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to get to your property as soon as possible.


All routes were cleared yesterday by 6:30pm.
By now you have probably heard the forecast that we are about to get hit with another heavy winter snowstorm.  The estimates right now are saying approx. 10-20cm along with strong winds.  Snow is supposed to start sometime Thursday morning/early afternoon and continue through until Saturday, where it is supposed to taper off.
If this prediction is accurate, our plan is to head out Friday morning, as well as Saturday morning, and possibly Sunday for a clean-up.
Our initial removals on Friday and Saturday will likely be what we call a preliminary clearing.  This means that our prerogative is to get the snow out of the way in a timely fashion.  Once the snow has stopped we will be able to come back through and do a clean-up clearing, which is when we will pay more attention to details such as widening pathways/driveways back to the edges, scrape up major snowpack, and clean-up anything we have missed or purposely left if it was not high priority.
We appreciate your patience as we deal with the coming storm.  Please make sure you are staying up-to-date on the Current Conditions section of our website where we will continue to keep you updated.


Snow began falling this morning around 7AM and is expected to continue through the day with clearing overnight.  Crews will be heading out tomorrow morning to begin clearing all routes.


All properties cleared yesterday.  Light snow possible overnight and continuing through tomorrow.  Clearing Monday night.  Crews will likely clear snow starting Tuesday morning.  We will continue to update.

Jan.31/15 (4:37PM)

Crews have been out since the early morning.  We are moving as fast as possible to get to every single property as soon as we can.  Snowfall ended around 9AM this morning.  Approx. 2cm received in the North part of the city and upwards of 4-5cm in the South. Possible flurries again Sunday evening (1-2cm)


We are on the northern edge of a precipitation mass that is making it’s way across Alberta.  Areas south of Edmonton are expected to see larger accumulations of snow.  Latest predictions for Edmonton are 1-2cm on the low end and 7-12cm on the high end.  We will continue to monitor forecasts and update. Crews will likely be headed out in the morning should we see significant precipitation tonight.


We received freezing rain and wet snow on Tuesday night.  Crews were out yesterday to clean up sidewalks as best as we could from the sticky rain/snow mix and put down ice melt and sand as necessary. In the early morning Wednesday a patch of heavy, dense fog has set in over Edmonton and it has left behind a very light skiff, less than 1cm. We are expecting a larger band of snow to move in sometime Friday and continue through to Saturday.  We should receive approx 2-5 cm of snow.  Crews will be out again to clear this next large snowfall that is expected over the weekend. Please check back for updates.


Very light flurries early this am.  Only trace amounts under 1cm trigger depth. Warming trend over the next few days bringing with it temps around 7 degrees.  Expected to last until next week.


Possible flurries expected tonight and tomorrow. 2-4cm.  We will evaluate the best time to begin snow removal as the storm comes in.  Please check back for updates.


Our apologies for the missed update, however all routes were indeed cleared yesterday of the snow received on Saturday. Expecting possible freezing rain on Tuesday.  Chance of flurries for Friday.


Snow/rain mix yesterday and through the overnight.  Crews are headed out today to clear all routes.


Flurries expected to begin tomorrow.  ~5cm.  Snow removal will likely begin Thursday morning.


Snow fell until approx. 1pm on Friday.  Crews have cleared all routes by Saturday afternoon. Next snowfall is expected possibly Wednesday this week.  We will stay updated on this.  Until then, some extreme cold has moved in for a couple of days.  Bundle up!


Snow received overnight.  Crews will be out today. Snow expected to continue today and clear overnight.


Wishing you a Happy New Year! Slight chance of a light flurry tonight, <1cm. Note that as per our snow removal agreement, there are no services on January.1We expect to see a storm front move through on Thur/Fri this week 10-20cm, so if we do have a skiff of snow overnight tonight it will be quickly covered by more.  We will continue with updates as the storm moves in.


All routes were cleared by 3:00PM yesterday. Looks like we are in for a snowy start to January.  Jan.1 (5-10cm), Jan.2 (5-10CM), Jan.4 (1-3cm). Check back for updates as the storm approaches.

Dec.29 (4:12AM)

Light snow continued throughout the day yesterday and through the overnight, close to 1cm.  Crews will be out today.


All routes have been cleared of snow received over the holiday break.

Dec.22 (4:30PM)

All routes have been cleared. Note once again:  Our crews will not be working over the holidays on Dec.24,25,26.  If we receive a snowfall, snow removal will be deferred to Dec.27. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Dec.22 (4:00AM)

A skiff close to 1cm received overnight.  Crews are headed out this morning to clear snowfall on all routes.


There is a very slight chance of a rain/snow mix overnight Friday.  We will continue to monitor this. As well there is a chance of the same overnight on Sunday. Please note that, as per our snow removal contract, over the Christmas holidays snow removal is suspended on Dec.24,25,26.  We will not be headed out for any snowfall received on these days.  If we do receive a snowfall over the break we will be headed out bright and early on Dec.27 to begin clearing all routes. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.  We feel it is important to give this time off to our employees to be with their families over the holidays, and this is something we have been doing since the business started in 2008.


Today we will begin to do a check-up route.  We have had an unusual freeze/thaw cycle in Edmonton over the past week or so that has caused some icy conditions on sidewalks.  We will be going around to each property to check up on the condition of our customer’s walks, put down ice melt or sand (only if it has been requested in the customer contract), and scrape any major ice problems that may be causing slippery conditions. Please be aware that this is not a normal occurrence and it goes beyond our contractual obligation in our snow removal contract.  Normally we only visit any property after a snowfall, or if requested by the customer.  We are doing this one time, as a courtesy free of any extra charges (Ice melt used will be charged where applicable).

Dec.07 (7:10AM)

We received freezing rain mixed with some very light flurries and some ice pellets overnight. Snowfall was less than 1cm and crews will not be out to clear residential routes. Temperatures expected to reach -1 today with sun, and more sun to come this week with temps of +5,+6 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Possible precipitation on Friday.

Dec.05 (1:11PM)

There is a risk of some mixed precipitation for Edmonton on Saturday evening.  Possibly snow, possibly rain or maybe nothing.  No forecast is really sure yet but we will keep you posted.

Dec.03 (9:53AM)

Clean-up continues.  We should complete our secondary clean-up of all properties from the big snowstorm today.  If we have not made it to you yet, we are coming, and should be there today. Next snowfall possible for Saturday.  Possible rain/snow mix 1-3cm

Dec.01 (10:42AM)

Well we made it through that storm!  Snow tallies by most weather networks are saying 30-40cm for Edmonton.  From our judgment at YardGaard we would put it closer to the 40cm side of that estimate. We realize that some sites may not have been cleaned perfectly or up to our usual standards, and we want you to know that it is not our prerogative just to leave it like this.  With a huge snowfall like this it is our first priority to simply get to all sites and make sure everyone is dug out, and that has been completed. Now we intend to clean things up a bit. We will be heading out starting Tuesday morning to return to each of our sites and do some extra clean-up.  We will try and widen pathways as much as we can, do a bit of scraping where necessary, and just generally cleanup the sidewalks so they are in a better condition and back to our standards.  Please realize that this may take us a couple of days, but that we are going to be back to tidy up. We thank you again for your patience through this last big storm!

Nov.27 (9:25PM)

We have made the decision to stop for today. The snow is coming down so hard and with the combination of the wind, we are fighting a losing battle. It only takes minutes after we have cleared and the sidewalks are already covered again with 1-2cm of snow. It just makes way more sense for us to start clearing the bulk of the snow tomorrow as today even when we do clear, we turn around and it looks like we haven’t even been there. It is supposed to snow hard today and start slowing down tomorrow.  We will head out tomorrow to clear all routes and then again likely Saturday to do a final cleanup.

Nov.27 (7:59AM)

Approximately 3 cm overnight.  Snow is going to be very heavy at times today. 10-20cm expected today with total accumulations predicted at 30 cm by Friday afternoon. Crews are out this morning to do a preliminary clear.

Nov.25 (6:20PM)

All routes have been cleared. *NOTE There is a large system that will reach Edmonton either Wednesday evening/night or Thursday.  Snow is to be heavy at times on Thursday with some models predicting 20 cm for Edmonton. If we receive light flurries tonight/tomorrow throughout the day we will not be heading out until Thursday likely.  These light flurries will be quickly covered by 10-20 cm of snow on Thursday, and it makes more sense for the worst of it to fall before we clear. We may only do what we call a “preliminary clearing” if the snow is extremely heavy.  This is where we clear only major routes on your property so you have access our first time around, and then we come back after all the snow has stopped and clear the entire property.  This is a decision we will have to make as the storm tracks in and we know how much accumulation we are dealing with. We ask for your patience as we attempt to clear what is likely to be a very large dump of snow in a short period of time.  We are prepared, and we will be doing everything we can to get all properties cleared as quickly and efficiently as possible.  However, please understand that this will be a larger than normal accumulation and it may take us a bit longer to get everything cleared than it normally does.  We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Nov.25 (6:36am)

Light snow overnight.  Dusting just under 1cm, however crews will be headed out this morning to clear all routes. Major snowfall expected for Wednesday through till Friday.  10-20cm.

Nov.23 (8:10PM)

All properties have been cleared. Chance of some light flurries in the next 48 hrs <1cm.  More snow expected somewhere between Wed-Thur.  Possible 10-20cm.

Nov.22 (2:37PM)

Snow today, 5-10cm.  Crews will be headed out tomorrow morning to begin clearing all routes.

Nov.21 (9:29PM)

Snow expected to begin falling late morning Saturday and continue into the evening.  3-8cm expected for the City.  Sunday is supposed to clear off.  Crews likely to head out and begin clearing Sunday morning.

Nov. 20 (12:11AM)

Rain forecasted for late afternoon and tonight into tomorrow.  Please note we do not visit any property for freezing rain.  We only commence snow removal for snowfall only.  If you would like us to come and spread salt/sand you will need to contact us and request this services.  This will involve extra charges.

Nov.18 (8:32AM)

Chance of some light flurries today.  Flurries also possible over the weekend.

Nov.15 (8:00AM)

Very light dusting of snow received yesterday, less than 1cm. Not a significant enough accumulation to engage snow removal.

Nov.12 (4:30PM)

All routes have been cleared.

Nov.11 (9:16AM)

Light snow continues to fall and is expected throughout the day.  Possible heavier snowfall through the overnight and clearing tomorrow. We have made the decision to let the snow fall today and overnight and commence clearing all routes tomorrow morning.

Nov.11 (4:43AM)

Close to 1cm received overnight.  Forecasts showing light flurries to continue through the day Tuesday.  We will watch closely and keep you updated, but we will clear all routes again on Wednesday regardless.

Nov.10 (8:30PM)

All routes have been cleared.

Nov.10 (4:30AM)

Light snow received overnight. 1-2cm.  Crews are headed out again this morning to clear all routes.  We estimate having all properties cleared by 6:00PM this evening.

Nov.09 (8:29PM)

Our first snowfall is complete and all properties have been cleared as of 6:30 this evening.  Snow stopped falling through the overnight on Saturday. Some models are showing a possibility of a very light flurry tomorrow or Tuesday.  We will be keeping a close eye on the forecast and keep you updated should we receive another snowfall amount.  Please keep checking back for updates!

Nov.08 (8:51AM)

Snow has covered our beautiful city! Snow expected to continue through the day today and into the overnight, with more snow expected for Sunday.  (1-3cm Sat, 1-3cm Sun).  Snow to taper off through the overnight Sunday and be finished by Monday. Crews will be heading out first thing Sunday morning to begin clearing all routes.  We will likely begin clearing all routes again Monday morning, depending on the forecast and when the snow stops. *Some commercial sites will be cleared today as per contract specifications. *All residential will be cleared as explained above.

Nov.3 (1:25PM)

Another snow removal season has begun!  We will continue to post updates on this page for all customers to check back and stay up-to-date with what is going on at YardGaard.  We use this feed as a tool to keep customers informed about weather conditions and how YardGaard will be dealing with each snowfall as it comes. There is possible precipitation expected on Tuesday, however this will likely be wet flurries or rain. Some forecasts are showing a system moving in Sunday which could bring with it the chances of snow.  Please check back regularly to stay up-to-date.


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